Hey there, I’m Kim.

Most days you can find me driving my five kids back and forth from school, sports, and friends. Yep, I’m that minivan mom. Truthfully I’d rather be that SUV mom, but I mean sliding doors…come on!

I am mostly known for being the mom of said kids and wife to my husband of 20+ years.  We were 10, when we got married 🤪, ok I was 19.

My life goal is to get myself together and find the shortcut or easiest way to do something #momhacker

People often refer to me as the oil lady, because let’s face it, not sure how I’d survive without Thieves and Stress-away

I love serving the world by sharing my life in all its struggles from marriage to motherhood, and how to make things a bit easier.  I have a heart for moms in the depths of mothering while holding a marriage together.  It’s hard! I get it!

I share my favorite hacks to make life easier.  If you are struggling with getting the laundry done, dinner on the table, kids lunches packed I can help you find an easier way.  If you are wanting to keeps kids healthy in a natural way read my story of how we’ve kept all five kids healthy and off antibiotics for over four years at oilfunclub.com/kim


Let me know your thoughts