My Oil Obsession



Truth be told I’m obsessed with Young Living Oils.  I started hearing about the wonders of essential oils on places like Pinterest, words like “get your baby to sleep through the night” at a time I was getting no sleep jumped off the page, and I knew I wanted to try them out with my family. I started my by wandering the aisles of my local health food store and leaving more confused than when I entered. At the same time, my step-mom started using Young Living, and knew so much more than me. She was not just given oils, but education and accesss to someone to help her. I tried some Young Living samples and when they worked it was a major “a-ha” moment, and I was sold on the starter kit right away. It had everything I needed to get started. Soon after my kit arrived my five kids were not getting sick, they were sleeping so well, my son’s tantrums were less, my daughter’s digestion improved, and I was less and less of a stress case. These oils have empowered me as a mom to be able to help my family to stay healthy and strong, instead of being a bystander in their health I am an active participant taking care of them in the best possible way with nature! And now I get to help others.

My Favorite Oil

Thieves, hands down. It is so easy for a large family like ours to get held down by a bug going around school and to pass it from family member to family member. Thieves keeps our immune system supported and I am no longer walking around with the fear of when is someone going to get sick.

First Oil Success

I was given a sample of RC. My son had a cough, you know the kind that keeps you and your child up all night! I rubbed the oil on his chest before bed and the next morning I realized he hadn’t coughed once, not once.

Join Me In My Oil Group

Kim’s Personal Oil Group is a secret Facebook group with people who are interested in learning more about essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, go to Kim’s Personal Oil Group Or Email me. There are monthly classes on Health & Wellness, Emotional Health, Healthy Home, and many more. You’ll find recipes, testimonials, and one on one support in a safe, encouraging environment. Come be a part of a community of people empowered to take care of their families in a natural way.

Ready to Get Your Kit

The kit includes 11 bottles of oil and a Diffuser (similar to a a humidifier that you can put oils in).  It is  $160 plus tax and shipping.  It is highly discounted as a kit and the best deal.  You also get me as your personal guide every step of the way, with personalized coaching and a welcome gift. I am excited to help you with your oil goals.

If you are not ready for a kit I am happy to give you a sample to try or you can buy an individual oil on my order.

You can sign up for your kit at the link below, just remember to:
1. Choose member (you never have to sell or purchase again)
2. Choose Premium Starter Kit
3. Opt in or out to an Essential Rewards auto ship rewards program


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